Treasures of Joy Farm is owned and operated by Ron and Beth Southwick. The farm started as a way for us to help feed our large and growing family. We wanted healthy food but had a small food budget. As time went on we started growing more and more and selling extra to friends. Two agricultural grants allowed us to make a substantial expansion of our pasture.

One of the difficult joys of having a farm with both animals and a market garden is the division of time between the two. You have to become a jack of many trades yet never feel as though you master any one thing. So over the years we have had many types of livestock and seen the death of several fruiting crops.

We are currently finding a balance with our chickens, cows, occasional pig, moderately sized garden, and various other small-scale ventures.

These pictures are a glimpse into what our farm is like.

We purchased the farm in 2000. The name Treasures of Joy was filed as a d/b/a in 2004. The name reflects the fact that for us, farming is a lifestyle and cultural mindset which brings joy; our farm is not tied to a specific place or to us personally. Our joy is also spiritual in the sense that part of our Christian duty is to care for the creation.

Mom and Dad Southwick have college degrees in nursing and math education. Dad works off-farm and has spent most of his off-farm time in office management and administrative support. Mom has majored in homeschooling the children and running the household.

Each of our eleven children have been involved in various aspects of the farm, from daily chores to partnering with Dad on specific enterprises. As of this writing, there are still six children whose ages and schedules allow them to continue helping us regularly.

Due to our years of organic certification we have friends within the Northeast Organic Farming Community. We typically also join the Farm Bureau to stay on top of legislation which affects us. As homeschoolers we have been members of the Home School Legal Defense Association. Our thinking tends to align nicely with the folks at Weston Price.

The family when all the kids were still home.